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Topic Related to Unix Technology

General Overview of the system:
system structure ,
user perspective,
O/s sevices assumption about hardware the kerneland buffer cashe architecture of unix O/s,
system concepts,
kernel data structure,
system administration ,
buffer header,
structure of the buffer pool,
scenarios for retrival of the buffer,
reading and writing disk block,
advantage and disadvantages of buffer cache.

internal representation of files:
inodes, structure of regular,
directories and conversions of a path name to an inode,
super block,
inode assignment to a new file,
allocation of disk blocks

system calls for the system :
open read write file and record close,
file creation,
operation of special file change directory and change root,
change owner and change mode,
stat and Fstat,
pipes mounting and unmounting file system,
link unlink.

structures of processes and process control:
process state and transitions layoutof system memory,
the context of a process,
manipulation of process address spaces,
sleep process creation/termination,
the user id of a process,
changing the the size of a process,
the shell,

interprocess communication and multiprocessor system:
process tracing system V IPOnetwork communication sockets problem of multiprocessors systems,
solution with master and hare process,
and solution with semaphore.

introduction to shell scripts:
shell bourne shell,
c shell,
unix commands,
filter sed,
grep family,
shell variables,
metacharacters and environment,
if and case statement,
for while and until loops ,
shell programing.

AWK and Perl Programing :
Awk pattern scaning and processing languge ,
BEGIN and END patterns,
AWK arithmetics and variables,
AWK built in variable names and operators,
perl ,
the chop() function,
variable and operators,
$_ and $. ,
regular expression and substitution,
file handling,
formatted printing.

Linux :
History & features of linux structure,
various flavours of linux.

Software Engineer,
AeroSoft Corp., Indore

Software Engineer,
AeroSoft Corp., Indore

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